Silent Disco

Creekside Wedding at L’Auberge de Sedona

for a customizable (and outrageously fun) kind of dance floor!
Now you can throw the party of your dreams without sacrificing the intimacy of connection. No matter the venue size or your crowd’s multiple music preferences, silent disco headphones offer a choice of channels and isolate the sound to your guests’ ears only, so conversation can flow, the dancing lasts till dawn, and you’ll never disturb the neighbors.

Silent Disco Events
• Weddings
• Corporate
• Silent Disco Private Party

Why Silent Disco
• Guests enjoy a choice of up to 3 channels of music
• Attendees can jam at their own volume while others can hold conversations in the same room
• No noise ordinance restrictions

The Tech
• Noise-isolating wireless headphones
• Individual volume control
• DJ mic
• 3 separate channels
• Long-range RF transmitter (500 Yards)

Silent Disco Wedding
Planning a destination wedding on a beach with
roaring surf? Or maybe you’re going for a simple
backyard ceremony, but you need to keep the
noise down or facilitate social distancing? Let
distractions fade away with silent disco
headphones, and keep the focus on the moment.
With up to three audio channels, you can keep
everyone on the dance floor at once listening to
music they love. Different generations can choose
between Top 40 and big band. The bride’s family can embrace Spanish music while the groom’s Greek relatives revel in their favorite traditional tunes.
With individualized adjustable volume and noise-isolating technology, the celebration can last all
night long.

• Make memories through a truly unique experience
• Multiple channels offer something for every music taste simultaneously
• Individual volume control keeps everyone tuned in at the perfect level.

Our History

Sedona Sounds did their first Silent Disco party in 2019 at L’Auberge de Sedona. With Bobby’s help the Bride & Groom came up with three unique dance mixes for their guests to enjoy. As a multi-cultural family, they wanted to ensure there was enough familiar Hispanic/Latin music represented for their guests, along with a fun Top 40/House mix and another Hip Hop channel of classic hits to choose from. What a BLAST!

Sedona has a lot of great venues to have your wedding and reception! With Silent Disco headphones the amplified speakers are turned off at the appropriate time (if not sooner) and the party can continue late into the evening! You don’t have to end your reception and stop dancing outside just because of Sedona’s Noise Ordinance of no amplified music after 10:00pm.

The possibilities are as endless as the music you want played. Maybe a channel for the parents and grandparents with their favorite “Oldies” from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s? Maybe have one channel dedicated to the greatest slow dance songs? Maybe have all three channels playing the same Genre of music so there’s more of your favorites to choose from?

You decide…..Bobby will make it happen!

(Photo by Katrina Wallace of Sedona Bride)
(Photo by Katrina Wallace of Sedona Bride)

“We had the best time of our lives.”

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